Month: October 2019

The Next Big Investment Scam

Could you fall victim to it? The stock market is hot right now and greed is coming out to play. Recently we had a client ask for a double digit return on her investments. This is the same lady who wanted to go to cash when the market fell apart in 2008. There is common…
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October 23, 2019 0

Are You Spending Enough in Retirement?

Do you know how much you can spend in retirement and stay retired successfully? Based on statistics, my bet is that most people don’t. Get this. Fifty percent of retirees are actually saving money. Another twenty-seven percent are only spending their income.1* If these numbers are accurate, this leaves less than a quarter of retirees…
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October 16, 2019 0

No Way Around It

There is no way around it, but through it. I wrote this down a while back. I cannot remember who said it, but it struck a chord. This is a truth we face many times in life and in many areas of our lives. From loss of a loved one to enduring hardships, it is…
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October 9, 2019 0

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