Month: February 2022


Death – It Happens

You are invincible, right? We all like to think we are… at least until we aren’t. Did you know twenty percent of men die before retirement age? Twenty percent! That’s two in ten men!1. The odds in Vegas can be worse than that and thousands of people still show up to gamble every day. So…
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February 28, 2022 0

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Built to Last?

If two retirees both average 6.6% return over 30 years and take the same income in retirement, shouldn’t they both end up with the same amount of money? You may find the answer very surprising. In fact, wouldn’t it be sad if one of these retirees ran out of money well before the 30 years…
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February 22, 2022 0
Family Disaster Planning

Family Disaster Planning

You have great power over the destiny of your family. In fact, you have the ability save your family… or destroy it. Yes. I am aware that probably hit you square between the eyes. In fact, I hope it did. Too many of us make all the excuses in the world to not work on…
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February 14, 2022 0
Retirement Risks

3 New Risks to Your Retirement

The biggest fear for retirees is, and has always been, the same—running out of money before running out of oxygen.  The root of that fear is what changes from person to person. No two situations are alike. Everyone has a different set of goals, expectations, family dynamics, obligations, etc. And everyone has a different timeline.…
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February 7, 2022 0

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