Month: October 2020


Money Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Let’s just lay it out on the table: money often brings out the extreme in people. Money is a frustrating topic. You find two-sided information on every topic you search regarding money. Everyone you know seems to know everything about what you are going through. And caution! Marriage counseling may be required. It can be…
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October 20, 2020 0

The Opportunity in the Mirror

Remember when buying a coke was a treat and eating out for dinner was a true luxury? When you’d get a hole in your pants and your Mom would fix them – not throw the pants away?  When you walked down the street and truly overweight people – especially children – were few and far…
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October 13, 2020 0
Financial Planning

Real Financial Planning

In this world of vast information, just about anyone can claim to be a financial advisor. Moreover, the McDonald’s of financial advisors are popping up on every corner in those big brand names you recognize. Unfortunately, this means most of the advice families receive is generic information. I say “Unfortunately” because very few families have…
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October 6, 2020 0

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