Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

January 4, 2022 All Articles Life Planning 0

I love my kids, but towards the end of a long road trip, well…you probably know.

What is it about our minds that make us more impatient the closer we get to our goal? If we are honest with ourselves, we are just like our kids. We drive a little faster on that last stretch or hold off going to the restroom just to get there.

Have you ever thought about the others areas of life that you really are doing the same thing? Maybe it was the end 2021? The end of COVID? What about your retirement?

We all want to get where we are going “yesterday.” The problem sometimes develops that we become so focused on “getting there,” that we forget to be a human being in the midst of it. We become a human doing instead.

I know, you have a list of to-dos a mile long. And I am sure I could add a few more to your list in the name of the 8 Life Planning Issues…budget, estate plan, savings, yadayadayada…

But a “to-do list” isn’t what life is really about. Life is a gift and we have a choice. We can live it doing, essentially by default. Or we can live it being – hence, on purpose.

If there were ever a time to stop and reflect, it is a New Year. After all, that is the purpose, right? We ring out the old and bring in the new. Someone mentioned the entire world should be opening every back door and window in their house as 2021 fades away to make sure we get rid of ALL of it. I laughed, but have to admit that I share some of that sentiment. Our world is hurting, our country is hurting, families are hurting.

The truth is that it starts with you. It starts with me. The world won’t change until each of us stop—literally. We need to stop and smell the roses. What is the most important thing in life to you? Is your focus there or somewhere else? If we want to see the world change, we need to change. We need to slow down and embrace those last few minutes in the trip.

Several years ago, we started the New Year asking this question: If this were your last day on earth and you are looking back over your life, what do you not want to regret? What would be unacceptable?

Now, looking at your life today, are you on track?

Our tag line is helping people live Life on purpose! You can have all the success, money, organization, complete to-do lists in the world and still not be living Life on purpose. So, I want to challenge you. Begin your New Year, not with a resolution, but a new practice.

Wake up every day reminding yourself what is most important to you. Maybe you have a list, maybe pictures, maybe a journal to write-down your gratitudes. How is not the matter – just get to the heart of the matter. Then ask yourself: What will I do today to embrace these very things?

Open up the front door and start dancing! 2022 is here and it will be a year filled with joy, memories, and most of all, purpose! Happy New Year!


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