Rethinking Your Thinking

Rethinking Your Thinking

April 5, 2022 All Articles Life Planning Retirement 0

We have all been completely blind-sided by this Pandemic and the weight of it is carrying through to almost every aspect of our lives. Needless to say, in many areas, Pre-Pandemic thinking may need rethinking.

Day-to-day living has changed beyond imagination – not only are we trying to stay safe, we are trying to stay sane. Husbands and wives are learning to live together. Hobbies are being created. House versus apartment life is being seriously contemplated. Finances are being challenged. The future is uncertain and well-made goals may be up in the air, evaporating into thin air, or in the dirt.

Things are different. We can’t change that. The future will not look like the past. It’s because of this that we all need to stop and rethink our thinking.

Pre-Pandemic thinking was to focus on the “thing.” Remember that commercial that went around saying “What’s your number?” It was talking about the amount of money you needed to retire. Everyone works so hard for that number—that “thing.” So, let’s start there.

Do you know why that was/is your number? Is it simply to support the lifestyle you already know? Is that what you really want?

We knew a couple that retired and bought a house three times the size of their previous home. It was their dream home, but it came at a price much higher than the price they bought it. They now had bigger commitments—more maintenance, upkeep, and less time to do other things. They didn’t get to travel as much, spend as much time with their grandkids, or enjoy their communities and hobbies.

Instead of thinking about retiring from something. How about considering what you will “retire to?”  What purpose will drive you in retirement? What will your social life look like when you no longer have co-workers all day? What will you do when you get tired of golfing every day?

What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? What gets your juices flowing?

We work our entire lives for a number. Often times, we don’t even know what this number means. We learn a little too late that at the end, we didn’t even really want what it gave us. What does a number actually matter unless it helps you have a fulfilling life?

Imagine you are sitting in your favorite place in the world. Now imagine that you are an older you, in the last years of your life. Take a minute and just picture yourself there….

You are looking back at your life and remembering the best parts. Think of three or four. What were they?

My bet is that these memories you have or want to make involve the truly important things in life. Money is money. A house is a house. A place is a place. It is what you make of it that matters.

Your Life Plan needs to focus on that, not on “the things.” COVID-19 has been and is awful, but there is a sliver of a silver lining: It is giving you the unexpected gift of more spare time. Something we have all longed for. Use that time. Write down your thoughts, goals, and dreams. But don’t stop there. Re-read what you write and ask yourself, “What is important about that?” “Why is that important?”

In this week’s newsletter, we have included a tool called, “Retire on Purpose.” We didn’t create it, but we are definitely a fan of it. It is powerful! It is also something you can use even if you are not retired or retiring soon. It helps you rethink your thinking.

You have a golden opportunity right now to press the reset button on your life and your life plan. Don’t worry about how. We are the “who” to help with that part. Just make the decision to rethink your thinking and make sure that your future you won’t end up with any unacceptable regrets.


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