Finding the Perfect Investment

Finding the Perfect Investment

August 12, 2020 All Articles Investments Life Planning 0

You’d almost have to live in a cave to not realize that times are tough right now. And under these uncertain conditions, people are hoping to find the perfect investment—one that’s safe, but offers an outstanding return. Our experience tells us that there is ultimately only one perfect investment—family.

As a Life Planning firm, we focus on much more than money. Money is just a tool. Too many people get wrapped up in returns and money, especially when it’s the center of attention during times like these. But the real focus in your life should be what makes your soul sing. Remember, life is so short.

I encourage you to ask yourself these important questions:

  • What do I treasure in my life?
  • What do I value most?
  • What truly gives my heart joy?

Maybe it’s just the type of families we choose to work with, but when we have this conversation with them, we have found that the answer to these questions to be the same almost without exception: family.

Here is an idea: invest a selected amount of money in a family retreat. Rent a house or cabin on a lake or in the mountains for a few days so that your children can bring their children. Visit some nearby attractions or just stay in and share stories of the past, laugh about old photo albums, or have some friendly competition while playing cards. Enjoy homemade ice cream and discover your children’s dreams and goals for the future. Remind yourself exactly what you have been working for all these years.

Who knows? You may start a tradition that will continue long after your time has passed. Giving your family the gift of unforgettable memories just may be the best investment you will ever make.

One of the questions we always bring to the table when we meet with someone for the first time is, “If this were your last day on earth, where would you want to be, what would you want to be doing, and who would you want to spend it with?”  I would assume it wouldn’t be alone in front of your computer, looking at the latest and greatest bandwagon to jump on and invest your money in. And what about your children and grandchildren? If this were your last year to spend together, what do you want them to remember? Let us offer a couple suggestions: love, laughter, shared memories and experiences, and just time spent together.

We strongly encourage you to diversify your portfolio and invest in Living Life on Purpose!


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