Author: Angela Robinson


Has Investment Risk Changed?

There has been a lot of hype recently in regard to cryptocurrency, silver, the GameStop fiasco, and even interest rates. A lot has changed. There are a lot of things changing. Yet, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”1… What am I talking about? Cryptocurrency didn’t even exist at the turn of…
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February 22, 2021 0
Cut and Paste

Do You Cut and Paste Decisions About Money?

Money Magazine interviewed several successful individuals, asking them about the smartest financial advice they have ever received. Billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson shared a story about his lack of knowledge in the financial realm and being humble about what you don’t know. Wow! Billionaire Richard Branson! Everyone else in the world…
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February 17, 2021 0
2 Numbers

2 Numbers You Need to Know

$400,000 and $3.5 Million A few weeks ago, we were working with a family that could have severe estate tax issues in the future. When this risk was first exposed, the immediate response was this: We have until 2026 before anything can be changed, right? Unfortunately, this is a misconception. The tax code can be…
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February 15, 2021 0
Relationship with Money

What is Your Relationship with Money?

Is it healthy? Or…? John Hancock came up with a “healthy living” concept for their life insurance holders a few years ago. The healthier you live, the less your premiums will be, along with a few other perks – not the least of which is their effort provide ongoing information about everything that affects your…
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February 8, 2021 0

Who is Your Personal CFO?

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – noun: The person responsible for managing financial actions of a company. Duties include tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions. – Okay. You may not own a company – or maybe you do – but that’s…
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February 2, 2021 0

What is Your Greatest Financial Fear?

Global financial crisis • stocks crash • global pandemic • record unemployment • foreclosures rise • banks collapse • markets in disarray • Wall Street panic • billions lost • retiree benefits take another hit • your state is bankrupt • Ebola outbreak • deep recession • lost decade • jobs crisis • housing bubble…
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January 26, 2021 0

I Don’t Like Trusts

Google How many types of trusts are there? and I dare you to find an exact number. The point is that there isn’t one. There are three primary classes of trust (Revocable, Irrevocable and Testamentary). Beyond that, though, there are dozens of trusts at the very least. Just to rattle off a few… ·   Revocable…
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January 18, 2021 0

The Retirement Dream

Imagine that you’ve worked 45 years and saved all you can. Your dream now is to retire near your children so you can watch your grandkids grow up. One year out from this becoming a reality you visit a retirement planning specialist. You cannot wait to hear the words “you can do this.” Instead, you…
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January 4, 2021 0

Year-End Financial Planning Checklist

Fall/Winter is an ideal time to examine your financial health and update your financial plans. Here is a list of important things to review that might make a difference in your year-end review and plans for next year. Check all that apply. If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to go…
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December 28, 2020 0

Elf on the Shelf Money Advice

Money is funny! You need it, but you don’t. You can be a SCROOGE Or you won’t! There is enough to go around Yet some of you get bound… So remember what it’s for God, food, and a little more. Things don’t last, but You always have memories PAST! Earn, give, save and receive This…
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December 21, 2020 0

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