Money Ideas No One Thinks Possible

Money Ideas No One Thinks Possible

May 24, 2023 All Articles Financial Planning Life Planning 0
Outside the Box

Earlier this year, we shared a parable about a giant ship engine that quit working. Countless hours and money were spent hiring experts to do the job. No one could get it working. Then, along came an old man who had been working on ship engines since he was a child. He inspected the engine carefully and thoroughly. Next, he pulled out a small hammer and with one tap, the engine immediately started working. A week later he sent a bill for $10,000 to the company. The owners where outraged, “He hardly did anything!” So, they asked the man to itemize his bill. He did just that and it read:

  • Tapping with a hammer: $2.00
  • Knowing where to tap: $9,998.00

We’re celebrating our 15th year of publishing articles in which we have shared some of our 70+ years of combined experience. So, we thought it only fitting to pick out a few of our favorite money ideas we have advised on that even experts don’t know exist. Here are the top five…

#5…. Let us show you how to keep your tax bracket below 10% in retirement. Tax planning is like candy to us. Give us a challenge, we dare you.

#4…Let us show you how to be like a Rockefeller. Have you ever noticed the Rockefellers just keep getting wealthier? They have a secret and we know it.

#3…Let us show you how to protect your financial legacy from divorces that may occur over the next 100 years. With a national divorce rate at between 35-50%, this may be the biggest threat to your money. The sad thing is we find most people don’t have any plan in place, much less this one.

#2…Let us show you how to make your IRA disappear and reappear tax-free to your children! We are not magicians, but we do have a few tricks up our sleeve. And, yes, they are completely legal.

#1…Let us show you how to pay ZERO estate tax! Many advisors know how to lower estate tax or pay for it using life insurance rather than you owing money, but do they know how to get you to ZERO?

As a Life Planning Firm, we are the financial quarterback for the families we work with. This means our job is to know where to tap the hammer. We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to continue our education and keep up with the ever-changing information. We spend even more to retain access to some of the very best specialists, attorneys, and CPAs. We know where to tap and know who, what, and when things are needed to do the job so the families we work with only need to focus on one thing—living Life on purpose!

Remember, not every strategy is for everyone. It is important to have your unique situation analyzed to evaluate whether or not these strategies would be an appropriate recommendation.


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