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Prioritizing Your Dollars

Money is tight for many families today. Just a couple of years ago, most Americans felt pretty good. We had higher than ever real wages, the government was pumping money into the economy, and prices were cheap. Today these are mere memories: Families are being squeezed by both inflation and the government pulling money out…
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March 16, 2023 0

How Do You Look at Your Money?

Do you look at your money for what it is or do you look at it for what it is for? A few weeks ago, Dad came on our weekly radio program “Life Planning 101.” He shared several stories that have given us insight we use to help the families we work with today. One…
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April 26, 2022 0
Cut and Paste

Do You Cut and Paste Decisions About Money?

Money Magazine interviewed several successful individuals, asking them about the smartest financial advice they have ever received. Billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson shared a story about his lack of knowledge in the financial realm and being humble about what you don’t know. Wow! Billionaire Richard Branson! Everyone else in the world…
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February 17, 2021 0
Relationship with Money

What is Your Relationship with Money?

Is it healthy? Or…? John Hancock came up with a “healthy living” concept for their life insurance holders a few years ago. The healthier you live, the less your premiums will be, along with a few other perks – not the least of which is their effort provide ongoing information about everything that affects your…
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February 8, 2021 0

Money Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Let’s just lay it out on the table: money often brings out the extreme in people. Money is a frustrating topic. You find two-sided information on every topic you search regarding money. Everyone you know seems to know everything about what you are going through. And caution! Marriage counseling may be required. It can be…
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October 20, 2020 0

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